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Life Sciences

Volpi is Committed to Deliver Innovative Solutions using Agile Project Management Tools

Volpi develops and produces optoelectronic modules for instruments with applications in genome analysis as well as fiber optic lighting and sensing solutions for cell tests and immunoassay readers.

For example, we perform advanced development and production of fluorescence microscopy modules for nextgeneration sequencing and molecular barcoding. Modules for PCR-based instruments form another core area. These customer-specific modules, which typically include LED illumination, filters, transmissive optical elements, and sensors for light detection as well as electronics and software, can be used according to requirements with various consumables such as microplates, application-specific plates, or cuvettes and flow cells. In some cases, fiber optic solutions are also used to enable parallelization of measurements.

Development and establishment of fluorescence standards for calibration, e.g., for fluorescence microscopy, make up another aspect of Volpi’s service offering.

Spectroscopy solutions for applications in flow cytometry, hemostasis, and concentration measurement in liquid handling devices complete the range of services offered.

Volpi's Opto-Electronical Instrument Modules have been Developed for the following Applications:
  • Molecular Diagnostics (Real Time / qPCR, dPCR)
  • Next Generation Sequencing (NGS)
  • DNA Hybridisation Imaging
  • Immunoassays (ELISA, FIA, LIA)
  • Instruments for measurement of cell metabolism

Examples of Opto-Electronic Solutions for Life Sciences