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Light is Irreplaceable in Medical Technology

Optical systems in medical devices are often used for illumination and image transfer and are widely used in diagnostics and surgery. Optical sensors are frequently found in the collection of physiological parameters.  

Volpi is a specialist in themarket segment of lighting solutions for endoscopy, microscopy, ophthalmology, and complementary spectral analysis for image transfer. Because of the regulatory requirements in this market environment, product development (hardware and embedded software) and manufacturing are performed in compliance with the ISO 13485 management system.

A clear system concept (usability, modularity, serviceability, and traceability), consistent implementation of system specifications, and sustainable risk management characterize Volpi’s solutions for its customers. Customers’ applications encompass the following areas:

Volpi-made module solutions for medical technology applications can be found in instruments such as:
  • Endoscopy
  • Surgical lighting
  • Diagnostic and Monitoring
  • Phototherapy and light therapy
  • Dental illumination and UV curing
  • Microscope illumination
Solutions for Medical Technology