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Volpi – A Company with Tradition


  • 2018   Volpi AG and Volpi USA achieve recertification against ISO 13485 (2016)
  • 2016   Volpi USA gains ISO 13485 certification
  • 2015   Volpi starts cleanroom production at Volpi AG, Schlieren, Switzerland
  • 2014   Volpi starts cleanroom production at Auburn, NY, USA
  • 2011   Acquisition of spectrometry technology Portfolio from SPECTROsolutions (Spin-off of Hamamatsu)
  • 2007   Acquisition of the Volpi Group and transfer of company leadership to Max Kunz
  • 2000   DIN ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 13485:2000 certification of Volpi AG
  • 1998   Inclusion of LED technology in the development portfolio
  • 1991   Set-up of new Volpi USA facility in Auburn, NY, USA
               Acquisition of the fiber optic division of Welch Ally, start of in-house production of optical fibers.
  • 1986   Move to new premises in Schlieren, Switzerland
  • 1981   Acquisition of the Volpi Group and transfer of company leadership to Ernst Neuenschwander
  • 1978   Founding of Volpi Manufacturing USA (Volpi USA) in Auburn, NY, USA
  • 1968   Expansion of the product line to include optical instruments for the inspection of
               cavities and optical fiber technology
  • 1966   Change of company's legal Status in AG
  • 1964   For the Expo in Lausanne, Volpi provides a photographic facility which could project 57 pictures simultaneously on a
               360° screen.
  • 1953   Founded as a sole proprietorship by S. Volpi. Company based in Urdorf, Switzerland. The object of the company was the
               development of special items to simplify the manufacturing of film materials. One of the first customers was Swiss television.
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